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Fly Meteors and Vampires above the sulphur clouds of Venus.

Control fully physically modelled aircraft using only the mouse.

Develop your dogfighting skills to hold back the communists.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun says:

"... a remarkable hybrid of simplicity and complexity, a challenging and technical plane game hidden behind accessible controls and dreamy visuals."

First released in 2011. Contains two tutorial and three combat scenarios. Designed for low resolution. Requires a mouse.

Updated 2 days ago
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorNeil Thapen
TagsAlternate History, Atmospheric, colonial, flat-shading, Flight, Lo-fi, Low-poly, Physics
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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VenusPatrol.zip 9 MB


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I really like the mouse control, it feels comfortable and allows for easy landing. If one day you make another flight simulator, keep that mechanic.

It becomes very difficult when the enemy doesn't let themselves be killed, those Sukhois manage to get behind me but I will keep trying.

I wish there was a map so I wouldn't get lost so often.

Still as beautiful as it was on first release.

Do you think you'll ever expand the game or do you feel completely done with it? 

I seem to remember some talk about a remake or something when the Venus Patrol blog launched.

Thank! No, I think it's done.


hey Neil have you played Tiny combat arena? kinda reminds me of Venus patrol, u should try it out!


Yes, I've been following it. It's looking good.


true that

game not working anymore...

- What exactly is happening?

- Have you played it successfully before, and do you know what has changed since then?

- Are you playing it through the itch app?


first time and game not appearing on screen im playing through tapp

Do you mean through the itch app? 

- Does it work if you download the zip file, unpack it and run it from the exe file? If it doesn't work, what is in the log.txt file?

- What OS are you running it on, and what sort of hardware?



Desktop width and height: 1366 768

OpenGL extension ARB_Point_Sprite is not available.

WARNING: ARB_vertex_program is not available.

WARNING: OpenGL shading language extensions are not all available.

Aliased point size range: nan - nan

Smooth point size range: 0.5 - 10

Aliased line width range: 0.5 - 10

Smooth line width range: 0.5 - 10

Available OpenAL sound devices: DirectSound Software, 

Using sound device: DirectSound Software

Messengers reset

running on windows 10

This is running from it's own directory, right, not from the unzip program?

I'm sorry, I don't know what to suggest. It looks like it's some problem with OpenGL, but it may not be -- it's a long time since I followed how things like that work. Conceivably updating graphics drivers might help, but really I don't know.

I would be interested to know what graphics card and what driver for it you have.


Hey Neil, loving your game and my only complaint is that its a bit small so I was wondering if you could send me the code so i can turn it into a bit of a coding project over the summer? I have absolutely zero idea how to code so this is probably going to be quite difficult but also probably quite fun!


P.S. my email is mpaterson2006@gmail.com


P.P.S. Also the post processing is completely broke for my device and I was wondering if you had a fix. 

What are you running it on, and what exactly is the problem? And what happens when you toggle the post-processing off and then on? e.g. v to turn off, v to turn on again?

The problem is that the frames will freeze on screen and copy over each other, creating a wiping effect. It stops if I look straight down towards the clouds however.

I sent you an email. I think getting the actual game code to compile is going to by a struggle, as it's old code in D and I expect the D ecosystem has changed since then. 

But the missions, and I think the aircraft, are set up in plain text files (plus some 3d files for the aircraft models) and should be fairly self-explanatory. You can test scripting commands by opening the console and just typing them. There's some discussion of it further down this comments page, from six months ago.

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Thanks! I've  made a bunch of custom levels and I'm starting to get a hang on the scripts and such, the main thing I want to do now is get some of the unused models (mostly the lander and carrier) into the game.

Hi Neil, I thought you might be interested in some art I made on Venus Patrol, I hope you like it! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zDnqam

Thanks, that's neat!

this looks amazing whatahell


does anyone have a good mod for this?

Actually surprisingly moddable, was first able to make the Yak a rocket with 128 guns, then managed to add my own model to the game, 10/10

this game is like the best thing ever when you gonna release the hd version


Thanks! It's meant to be a small, one-person game (and it's 10 years old). With an HD version, where you have to spell things out rather than just suggest them, I think it would be a lot of work to get the same kind of feeling.

ohw man that sucks but still its a great game i just wish we had more levels and stuff. and hats off to you man it impressed me on the first look and i couldnt find anything else like it

yo whats the new update of painted sea? im not able to comment there but i wanted to know the testing ver

I wrote something about it here: Sailing test version - A Painted Ocean by Neil Thapen (itch.io)


this is one of the best games ive played but the screen is too small and i dont know why and it opens the script things.

oh also how do i take screenshots of the game lol,i was tryna show it to my friends and it simply just showed the script thing not the actual game


Is it running full screen, or in a window? And what OS are you running it on?

In any case, the problem may be that the default resolution, 640x480, does not work well on a modern system. To change it you have to edit the file settings.txt. Comment out (with a #) the "resolution 640x480 fullscreen line" and uncomment, say, the 800x600 one.

it goes on full screen but it goes on a small square and it opens another thing with the scripts,im using windows btw

also can you say it again? how do i change the rez?

like how do i uncomment

(1 edit) (+1)
I mean open the file "settings.txt" in notepad or similar. 
There are some lines
#resolution 640 400 fullscreen
resolution 640 480 fullscreen
#resolution 800 500 fullscreen
#resolution 800 600 fullscreen
#resolution 1680 1050 fullscreen
#resolution 640 400 windowed
change this to
#resolution 640 400 fullscreen 
#resolution 640 480 fullscreen 
#resolution 800 500 fullscreen 
resolution 800 600 fullscreen 
#resolution 1680 1050 fullscreen 
#resolution 640 400 windowed
and save it. See if it works any better. What I hope will happen 
is that your monitor will recognize this as a valid fullscreen resolution
and will rescale it to fill the whole screen (the game is supposed to be 
a bit pixelated). If it doesn't, there may be some monitor setting you
can change in windows. Otherwise just try your monitor's native 
resolution (so you will lose the pixelation). You don't really need to 
mess with the commenting and uncommenting; you can just delete "800 600" 
(or whichever line is uncommented) and write whatever numbers you want.

sorry again for sending another message but i also found a bug like,when u go free flight and open the command bar pressing ' and spawns a enemy jet the enemy jet (or ai) spawns under the map and end up dying,will there be more updates so we can spawn enemies and wingmans on free flight? 


That's not exactly a bug. There are commands to reposition planes after spawning them. Look at the files in the scripts directory for what these look like. 

You can also put your own scripts there, and run them by typing "run <script name>" in the command console. Try "run test".

There are no plans for updates - it's a ten year old game now.

oh damn

how do i position enemy planes on free flight?

Best game and it only takes 9MB how 

cause its zipped


It's not using any game engine, like Unity, but just some fairly basic graphics, sound and physics libraries. There isn't enough going on in the world to need more. 


I love the control system, unorthodox but easy to get the hang of. Once you do it feels completely natural. Do you have it open source? I would love to tinker with it.

It's not formally open source, but I can send you the source if you tell me where to send it, and you are welcome to tinker with it (you already can, with the scripts, although they don't do much). It's about 20MB and in D, which I haven't used since this project, 10 years ago. I don't know how stable the language/libraries have been since then.

That's okay, you can send the source to pittanthony73@gmail.com if that works for you. Thanks

oh nice. Could you also post it on github if you don’t mind? I’d like to peek around how you did the flight model

Probably not on github, but I can send you the code.

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Ah, could you send it to — then?


This is so fun and challenging! I just keep retrying until I beat the mission for that mmmmmmm sense of accomplishment. I had to learn using the wingman command (that I didn't realize exists) to beat the last escort mission scenario. Did I mentioned the flight model is beautiful?

The unorthodox controls might be my only nitpick.

is there a way to invert mouse control?

Sorry, no.

i cant start the game why?

What are you running it on, and are you downloading it or using the itch launcher? What exactly happens when you start it in the launcher, or download it and run VENUS PATROL.exe?


but when irun .exe nothing happens

What operating system are you using? 

The game should create a log.txt file in the game directory when it's run. Can you find the file, and is there anything useful in it?

windows 10

ill try the suggestion


This is great. I really like the style and physics. I also appreciate how you set up the folders, cause it allows you to easily mod the game.
I am just curious, are you still working on it?

Thanks! No, it's fairly old now and I don't have plans to go back to it.

(1 edit)

The Planes are totallly uncontrollable! They frequently lose control. The controls are really bad!

If you're too heavy with the controls, you can get a spin or a stall. Start with small mouse movements, and try bigger ones when you are used to how the plane controls. I think there is a command somewhere to change mouse sensitivity in the game, if that's the problem.

Thank you so much sir!

It's very fun, but I wish the camera control was better. I hate having to hold down a button just to have a tolerable view.


Late reply, but - the reasoning behind this is that in a real plane, the pilot get physical cues about how the plane is moving through the sky. This is not captured in a conventional flight sim, where your only experience of the world is a fixed, narrow forward view. I want to capture some of it by emphasizing the third person view with the wide FoV, visual trails behind the wings, etc. That's the idea; I agree it's not a total success.

Thank you for the response. Looking back, I think I was pretty rude, I apologize.

Are any of your games open source?

The ones on itch are not formally open source, but I would be happy to send you the code if you're interested. I released two html5 things under an MIT license: https://dood.al/pinktrombone/ and https://dood.al/oscilloscope/

I am shocked at the elegance and depth of this game. I wish I had played it before today :)

nice mechanics

thanks ^^




it is not shit dude its good when you play it


Billyboibot i'm going to guess your a bot because of the level of stupidity you are showing. In other words, screw off.

pretty cool, wish it had joystick support, or remappable keys.

Whenever I try to open this game it immediately crashed before launching.

Edit settings.txt and see if it will run in a window. What are you running it on?

I did, it still won't run, Here's what happens:

Thanks! From the log, I wonder if it's something to do with sound (which uses the OpenAL library). You could try adding the line "nosounds" to settings.txt and see if it works -- you should still get the opening music.

Worked perfectly ^^ Unfortunately however it would seem i'm terrible at your game, beautifully made though!


this game is amazing and has so much potential if you could expand the missons and put in more aircraft this would on my top ten for the year

Thank you! Maybe one day. I've found it difficult to come up with missions that keep the right tone.


this is inaccurate because the surface pressure on Venus is 93x that of earth and the temperatures average at a scorching 410C so it would crush the vehicle from the inside out and like fry all the electronics

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The game isset about 50km above the surface, where the pressure and temperature are earthlike. The surface you are flying over is a cloud layer.


It's actually really cool that you took the time to consider that/think that out!!

Here is NASA's take on it: https://youtu.be/0az7DEwG68A


im not hating on ur game im not saying its bad. i know you spent a ton of work on it and i respect that


ONLY 9 MB? 9 MB? How did you... Nah, as long as it's good i shouldn't care.

its amazing!

this game is awesome :D