A downloadable game for Windows

This is a short game about thrusting, parrying, sidestepping, lunging, punching, or clearing your way with a brace of pistols. Game text is in Scots.

Press shift and a direction to raise your sword or change facing with it. Move your sword towards an opponent to thrust; parry automatically; bump an opponent or object on a non-sword side to punch or kick. All three actions cost one point of breath. With the sword raised, press shift and move forward to lunge one space, costing two points of breath. Press F to fire a pistol.

To complete the game, find and break open three treasure chests. There is one on each level.

Originally released for the 2013 Seven Day Roguelike competition.


swiftswurd.zip 2 MB


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Very cool game!

Cute pics. Pls add linux version